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What it means to

Be Paychex


Be ethical
  • I demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics.
  • I confront behavior that is not in accordance with the highest standards of ethics or professionalism.
  • I am honest, fair, and accurate in all my communications.
  • I ensure that my thoughts, words, and actions are aligned.


Be collaborative
  • I seek out the best outcomes for the team rather than those that benefit me the most.
  • I support a team decision both publicly and privately.
  • I coach others to help them succeed, rather than to criticize.
  • I clearly communicate expectations and standards when partnering with others.
  • I am aware of my personal filters and how they affect my mood and partnerships.


Be responsible
  • I accept personal accountability for results.
  • I take ownership and find solutions rather than place blame.
  • I take the initiative to get things done.
  • I focus on the blue chips for myself, my team, and my organization.
  • I ask, “What more can I do?”


Be considerate
  • I talk directly and respectfully to an individual when there is a concern or problem.
  • I take the time to truly listen to others’ points of view.
  • I assume positive intent.
  • I value the diversity of talents, skills, and experience of individual team members.
  • I treat others with dignity, respect, and common courtesy
  • I focus on “being here now” in conversations.


Be curious
  • I demonstrate a willingness to change and learn new approaches.
  • I contribute to an environment in which learning and new ideas are encouraged and applied.
  • I am willing to rethink existing processes to solve problems or create new opportunities.
  • I start from curious when listening to other people’s ideas and opinions.


Be helpful
  • I listen to and act on the needs and wants of clients and colleagues.
  • I focus on providing the highest levels of client satisfaction.
  • I consider the impact of actions and decisions on clients and colleagues.
  • I ensure that my commitments to clients and colleagues are kept.
  • I am aware of how my mood affects the level of service I provide.
  • I create an environment where clients and colleagues feel valued, appreciated, and recognized.